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The Reavers - Reavers Radio WFMU December 7, 2005

The Reavers 20-minute freestyle session begins around 1:51:50, featuring Privilege, Keith Masters, Goldenchild, Akir, Hasan Salaam, HiCoup and billy woods. Complete show playlist below.

Biz Markie Pickin Burgers  OptionsSingle Prism Records 1987 12" 
Jin Top 5 (Dead of Alive)  OptionsSingle Draft Records 2005 12" 
Mophono All Alone feat MC Subverse  OptionsI Cry CB Records 2004 LP 
Shyheim Furious Anger feat. Big L  OptionsSingle Priority Records 1999 12" 
Jean Grae Monday  OptionsSingle Smacks Records 2005 12" 
POS Stand Up  OptionsSingle Rhymesayers Entertainment 2005 12" 
De La Soul Ain't Hip To Be Labeled A Hippie  OptionsSingle Tommy Boy Records 1989 12" 
Bisc1 Lights Out  OptionsThe Basics EP Embedded Music 2005 CD 
The Reavers Interview Live on WFMU  Optionsn/a n/a 2005 
The Reavers America feat. Spiega, Hasan Salaam, & Akir  OptionsSingle Backwoodz Studios 2005 12" 
The Reavers Bodybuilding feat Keith Masters & Billy Woods  OptionsTerror Firma Backwoodz Studioz/Green Streets 2005 CD 
HASAN SALAAM Blaxploitation  OptionsParadise Lost Paradise Lost Fifth Column/Day By Day Entertainment 2005 CD 
The Reavers Slumz  OptionsSingle Backwoodz Studios 2005 12" 
DR. Monokrome American Beauty feat. Taiwo  OptionsN.P.R. Versus M.A.D.: All Things Considered That Was A Long Time Ago Backwoodz Studios 2005 CD 
The Reavers Invasion feat. Hasan Salaam & Billy Woods  OptionsTerror Firma Backwoodz Studioz/Green Streets 2005 CD 
Axis 360 The Time feat. 5th Column (Rugged-N-Raw + HiCoup + Hasan Salaam)  OptionsVA: Soundclash #2 Backwoodz Studioz 2005 CD 
Hicoup Ghetto Factory aka Oompa Loompa  OptionsGhetto Factory Mixtape 2003 CD 
The Reavers Web feat. Vordul Mega & Billy Woods  OptionsTerror Firma Backwoodz Studioz/Green Streets 2005 CD 
James Bond a.k.a. 007 Basic Training  OptionsGolden Gunn n/a 2005 CD 
AKIR POLITRICKS  OptionsSingle Viper Records 2005 12" 
Goldenchild Slavery  OptionsVA: Soundclash #2 Backwoodz Studioz 2005 CD 
Keith Masters Have Nots  OptionsBioluminescence Backwoodz Studioz 2005 CD 
The Reavers Live Freestyle on WFMU  Optionsn/a n/a 2005 
Kong Broken Safety feat. Spiega  Options??? Backwoodz Studioz 2005 CD 
Boogie Down Productions You Must Learn (Live From Caucus Mountains Remix) OptionsSingle Jive Records 1989 12" 
Akrobatik Internet Mc's  OptionsSingle Rawkus Records 2000 12" 
Herman Kelly & Life Dance To The Drummer Beat  OptionsSingle Electric Cat 1978 12" 
Fatlip First Heat  OptionsSingle Delicious Vinyl 2005 12" 
Edan I See Colours  OptionsSingle Lewis Recordings 2004 12" 
Written On Your Psyche Pancake Breakfast (Original)  OptionsSingle Delinquent Soundz 2005 12" 
Psyche Origami Fool Service  OptionsThe Standard Arc The Finger Records 2005 CD 
Tha Alkaholiks The Flute Song (LaLaLa)  OptionsSingle Koch Records 2005 12" 
Fakts One Life Music  OptionsVA: A Blow To The State Coup D'Etat Entertainment 2003 CD 
Afrika Bambaataa & Soulsonic Force Renegades Of Funk  OptionsSingle Tommy Boy Records 1983 12" 
Akrobatik Strictly For The DJs  OptionsVA: A Blow To The State Coup D'Etat Entertainment 2003 CD 

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