Monday, November 4, 2013

“Day of the Dead: The Halloween Hangover Mix”

...some of my favorite dark/scary/weird songs of 2013 accompanied by samples culled from my collection of novelty horror LPs.

[00:16] The Body - “Melt Away”
[03:59] Gore Elohim - “Lord of Plagues”
[07:42] Chasms - “Darker Outside”
[12:39] Gucci Mane - “Decapitated”
[15:37] Nickelus F - “Da Reaper”
[20:11] Dismembered Cattle Fireworks - “Churches are the real faggots”
[20:12] 3:33 - “BB-6”
[23:09] Wormlust - “Á Altari Meistarans”
[29:14] Killah Priest - “Shadow Landz”
[32:52] Armand Hammer - “Duppy”

For those wondering, the aforementioned novelty horror LPs are: Mike Harding/Peter Harwood‎ – More Death & Horror, Wade Denning ‎– Sounds To Make You Shiver, and Vincent Price ‎– Witchcraft-Magic: An Adventure In Demonology.

Andy Koufax - Chin Music

"An exercise in exorcism (of both personal demons and artistic inhibitions), Chin Music eschews giving a fuck about subtlety and sensitivity in favor of just plain going for it. Hence, we get Marvin Gaye and John Coltrane namedrops (on “Luna Melt”), extended Street Fighter metaphors about the protagonist’s love life (on “Unbelievable”), and a requiem named after the performer himself (“Andy”) followed by a stadium anthem cheerfully named for a local roller rink (“United Skates”), but written with all the lingering despair and succinct brutality of a Herzog film."
-Excerpt from my write-up for Chin Music's Tiny Mix Tapes premiere