Saturday, August 2, 2014

"Dissonant Dissidence" Lyrics

Dissidents listening to crickets singing symphonies of dissonance. Who's got the soundtrack to similar scenes and instances? Riddle me this insignia's Edward Nigma signature. Finger-fuck the world with a "how's your father" finisher. Ehhh, don't be another piece of furniture. If Rupert Murdoch had his way he'd rape your mother, then he'd murder her. The courier brings word of mass hysteria: the Marriott has turned into a burial plot. "You're gonna burn in your yachts," said the two-faced doomsayer. They threw a spear at him like, "Here, take a souvenir." Ooh yeah the impalers are imperious (imp hailers), been hailing imperialist imps in pyramids. Mary had a little lamb she sacrificed to Beelzebub. The love below is ill, but it's got nothing on the beast above, so keep it up if for no other reason just because no one should ever have to teach their grandkids was freedom was.

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