Monday, August 6, 2012

Goblin Market Mp3 + Lyrics

Dug this up earlier in the afternoon. I really like Noah's beat and my lyrics, but I don't think the whole "ARGH hardcore hip-hop" voice ever really suited me. Still, the song ain't bad considering it pre-dates my EPs by a couple years. I especially like the 2nd verse.

At a goblin market, short, green, stocky soccer moms shopping Target, getting greezy like Lorena Bobbitt. Apostle John turned a profit, porno career started, but the cost that launched it was really the awfulest. Count change like economists. Y'all 8-bit cartridges gone spacey like astrologists get brainy like lobotomists. Zombie bitch the nausy-est, Amy Fished for politics in a grimy ditch. Buttafuoco's wife talked with a lisp. It was probably his fist shifting the mouth on her. That or maybe just the good old Long Island tap water. Manslaughter, jawbreaker, wife beater, adulterer. Wanna make them irate? Then violate their granddaughter on camcorder. Mix candy Wonka sniffs with Cyndi Lauper's disc, Body Acoustic, bitch. Damn, you bought that shit? Yeah, word to ancient artifacts. Versive, Noah's Arkiteck, we taking over continents.

Is Strong Island shocking at the goblin market? Is Strong Island popping at the goblin market? Is Strong Island rocking at the goblin market. Yeah, Strong Island's rocking at the goblin market.

Them adding religion only at the collapse of tradition - ridiculous tripping, sipping absinthe, acid's in the kitchen. So what's subtracting a Christian? International passions of Gibson, propaganda spreading Antisemitism. Better question how his family living. Residence in the Hamptons, lampin', plasma television exclusively. Playboy mansion Jacuzzi, view the three beautiful teen triple-X scene on Hugh's movie screen. Cutey's new disease has her leaking coochie cream but she's frequently seducing with the movements obscene, freaking on some "do me please," screaming ecstatic. Tantric sex passionate experience serious orgasmic fits. Money shot paralysis catches the waste down like Larry Flynt's assassination attempt at the state house, so what do you say now? Just looking all lame, foul, powerless. You was doctoring the pussy like your style gynecologist.

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